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Saturday, October 21st 2006

Karl Dorell Proves He's The Worst Coach In I-A

Pass On Third & Long?! Are You Crazy?!

I was cheering for the Bruins. An odd thing to say. But personally I want Notre Dame’s season destroyed, so they come into the Collisseum demoralized and down. After pulling off an incredible victory (their second of the year) and playing other close games we’ve learned they’re certainly not the team many pundits thought when the season began. But they’re also building confidence.

If you don’t know, Karl Dorell’s team got the ball with two something to play in the game and up by four. He ran it three times (including on third and seven) and then punted BUT…not before this played out…

Punter gets ready…let’s play clock run down intentionally…takes five yard penalty…makes it fourth and twelve…punts the ball…Notre Dame gets a ten yard penalty. If Karl doesn’t take the five yard delay of game penalty (and it wasn’t like he was giving the punter more room to put it inside the Notre Dame 20…they were on the Bruins side of the field), then they get a first down off the Irish holding penalty and the game is over. Good job genius…grabbing those extra three seconds off the clock by taking an intentional delay of game.

Of course the Bruin’s defense allowed the Irish to drive 80 yards in 3 plays for the go ahead score with about 25 seconds left. They deserve some blame too, but I understand why Bruins Nation hates Karl so much.

Brendan Loy is of course excited over at The Irish Trojan.