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Saturday, October 14th 2006

Mark Richt Sucks Me In Again

Can’t Resist…His…Gravitational…Force…

Everyone knows Georgia is having a down year. No one more than me, one of the few with his chips on Colorado to make a game of it so many weeks ago (as they did).

But how far have they fallen, dropping to Vandy on a last second field goal this week?

I could go on like that but Vanderbilt really deserves all the credit. Last year they were soooo close to success, it made it sad. Remember that “ghost” celebration penalty after touchdown which prevented them going for 2 and the win against Florida?

In anycase, everyone expected those “close call” games to go bye bye after Cutler left (me included). But that has not been the case. They hung with Michigan, they lost by 3 to ‘Bama, and they missed a last second field goal that would’ve beaten Arkansas (looking even better now).

Now they beat Georgia. I really blew the call on that game.