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Wednesday, October 4th 2006

Medicine Conquers Man's Most Vicious Foe

And by conquers I mean 60% of sufferers may experience some relief with a six shot vaccine.

We are of course talking about hay fever! I’ll take the odds above, and I’m sure others who suffer worse than I will as well.

Sit Idly By As People Sneeze And Run Their Sleeves Under Their Nose?
That’s Not These Scientist’s Style

The studied allergy vaccine

appears able to reduce hay fever symptoms by 60% for at least two years, according to a preliminary study.

Researchers say the vaccine approach avoids the side effects of the steroids often used to treat allergies. And it gives a faster result than pollen injections, which condition the immune system over a course of several years, they add.

[It] has shown great promise in the new trial. “It is the first time the approach has been applied to this disease,” says Toshiaki Kawakami at La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology in California, US.

The full text is at NEJM (subscription required).