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Sunday, October 8th 2006

More On The IOM's Call For P4P

I think pay for performance can work. I’m not a medical professional yet, so take that for it’s limited value. Even I however found fault in the Institute of Medicine’s call to cut Medicare reimbursement and use the savings to fund a pay-for-performance program. My original post is here.

Now, Dr. RW has a post up on the topic.

They want to expand the P4P concept to reward not just quality, but also efficiency and “patient centered” care. Well, we already have a very powerful negative efficiency incentive—-that hidden provider tax known as DRG. We also began a massive experiment in efficiency incentives almost a decade ago known as managed care.

And what is meant by “patient centered care”? It sounds great, but I thought all medical care was basically patient centered. It must mean something extra special—-so what is it, exactly? Those folks at the IOM must be mighty smart if they can measure something as nebulous and subjective as patient centeredness.