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Friday, October 6th 2006

Pickaroo Open Thread

I started out right. Tonight Middle Tennessee St. kept within 30 of Louisville (27 to be exact) and actually led at one point in the game (the largest deficit Louisville has faced all season). I look smart to start the weekend.


I just heard Kirk and company on Game Day describing the nation’s best defenses. After an off season, everyone is back on the SEC this year. I want to vomit.

LSU has a great defense. A fast defense. Looks a lot like USC’s 2004 defense. But they’re out there annointing them as one of the best ever. Kirk just said Florida has NO chance of driving the ball, they’ll have to score on a big play.

They’ve played Louisiana Lafeyette, Arizona, Auburn, Tulane, and Mississippi St.! Auburn is the best offense they’ve faced, and it ain’t exactly the offensive juggernaut of the SEC. They’re lagging behind the lacks of Kent St. in the statistical offensive rankings, down near #70. And that isn’t because they’ve played the likes of LSU. It’s because they’re a vanilla offense, and Cox is a game manager.

Yeah LSU has a good defense. The clear cut #1? Not with that schedule.

Florida scores AT LEAST 2 touchdowns today. That’s contrary to what Kirk and Lee seem to think of this Tiger defense.

Chris Leak Is Going To Have A Fine Day

Finally, I’m tired of the SEC whining.

“I’ve about had it with this playoff deal,” Tuberville said after a lengthy, emotional argument for a playoff. “We all understand in our conference how tough it is. In our conference, that’s about the only chance we’d have to make it.”

Yes, yes, I want a playoff as well. And of course you’re the greatest/toughest conference in the history of the sport. So far this season, SEC, you’re 4 – 5 against other BCS conferences. You know how many ranked out of conference teams you’ve faced? 3!

You have 5 ranked teams. One of your ranked teams needed damn luck against Colorado and Mississippi! They should respectfully have two losses right now.

The ACC has 5 in the AP poll, the Big 12 has four.

This is a good, good conference at the top. But has no parity. Ole Miss, Mississippi St., Vanderbilt, and Kentucky are some of the worst teams in ANY BCS conference. Arkansas and Alabama, and South Carolina are moderate at best. This year Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee are probably amongst the 15 best teams in college football. And Georgia despite being rated higher, currently, is probably one of the top 25 best teams in the country.

But other confernces have similiar claims. Ohio St., Michigan, and Iowa? Probably all top 15 teams.

And look at the dregs of the SEC? I mean the entire state of Mississippi, Vanderbilt, Kentucky (despite a current 3 -2 record). THESE TEAMS SUCK! And not just compared to the other SEC teams. They’d be the scrapes at the bottom of the barrell in any BCS conference.

A third of your teams are amongst the worst in the nation and this is college football’s UNDISPUTED best/toughest conference?

This year Tuberville, despite his complaining will face only three top 25 teams! That’s it. And there’s no chance he can make it without a playoff system?

Are you kidding me?

USC faced 3 top 25 teams in 2004, and clearly a tougher schedule than Auburn faces this year. Last year, the Trojans faced 5 TEAMS which ended in the top 25, and we made it to the BCS national title game.

Tuberville is a giant whiner.

Well, there goes Auburn losing to an Arkansas team that USC beat 50 – 14 (and we beat them in Arkansas!) That’s if you go by those haters who held up our struggles with Washington St. last week (a team Auburn crushed) in saying they were the better choice at #2.

Well, now, pending the Trojans losing to Washington there is a clear #2.

While it is true that Chris Leak turned in an egg, I feel vindicated on my Florida pick and my, “LSU’s defense is overrated” claim. They’re a good defense, and they faced a fine Florida offense but the absolute, undisputed, without a doubt best defense in the country as so many pundits (including Game Day) made them out to be?

Of course not.

However impressive this win was for Florida I have an early prediction for next week…

After struggling with South Carolina and dropping to Arkansas (way to go Houston Nutt), I think Auburn rebounds next week. At least I hope they do, because Michigan and Florida are going to be breathing down USC’s neck in next week’s polls. Back in Bama I think tuberville takes care of Urban Myer.

Two close games in a row. Maybe it is something to do with the state of Washington. I didn’t see all of this USC game, but from what I saw I feel slightly more comfortable with our performance tonight, than last week.

It isn’t fair to hold this USC team up to previous years; it is still finding itself. Are there concerns? Of course, but voters for the polls and pundits need to realize not only is this an improved Huskie team but USC never trailed during this game. The AP round up, fluff piece picked up by all the media outlets makes it sound like Washington was in control of this game and only fate, the great God watching over USC allowed the Trojans to escape. Baloney, they were clearly the best team on the field tonight.

Remember when Kirk Herbstriet sounded like an ass when he was calling USC the greatest team of all time last year before the Rose Bowl?

Well, now he still sounds like an ass, but he’s pulled a 180. A lot of the time I like Herbstriet. I think he’s one of the best informed pundits out there and at least he provides a much needed contrast to Lee Corso. But com’n, the man just said USC should apologize for their last two victories (Washington St. and Washington). Apologize? What the hell does that even mean.

USC is a top 5 team until they lose. They should remain at #2 even, until they lose. Kirk basically writing them off is snobery at its best. Grow up, dumb ass.