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Sunday, October 22nd 2006

Poll Challenge #1

The first poll challenge is up. I’ve already hit some glitches in my method, including trouble finding some ratings from last week. This “data” should be taken extremely lightly.

Ranking To Date Rating System Score
1 Wolfe 13
2 Anderson 14
T-3 Colley Matrix 19
T-3 AP 19
T-5 Coaches’ 20
T-5 Harris 20
7 BCS 21
8 Sagarin 24
9 Massey 25
10 Billingsley 43

Missing: Sagarin (Predictor Model)

After the first week we have some clustering at the top. There was only one top 25 upset (Washington State over Oregon) except for Colley Matrix whose week 7 rankings also had Georgia Tech over Clemson.

Billingsley has gotten off to a terrible start, ranking Washington State 51st before last week’s games.