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Monday, October 23rd 2006

Quick Hits From The Week That Almost Was

  • USC still controls its fate despite being ranked third in the BCS
  • Because either Ohio State or Michigan has to lose
  • Can we please give some props to USC now?
  • Nebraska, Washington, and Washington State all proved their metle
  • It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Michigan beat Ohio State
  • Michael Hart is a running back’s running back
  • Like Mack says, Nebraska will see Texas again in the Big 12 Championship Game
  • Com’n Nunn! Just hold onto the ball!
  • There’s no chance Michigan would’ve jumped USC in the BCS if Nebraska and Washington had won
  • Are people absolutely convinced USC is going to get railed by Cal and Notre Dame now?
  • I know they keep winning but is Notre Dame the most overrated team in the country?
  • That loss is on Karl Dorrell
  • Why in God’s name did he run three times in a row?
  • Why in God’s name did he take that stupid, stupid, stupid delay of game penalty…
  • …all it achieved was taking an extra three or four seconds off the clock…
  • …but it cost them a first down (and thus the game) when Notre Dame got a ten yard penalty on the ensuing play
  • That Notre Dame offensive line is not good
  • That was some final play of regulation for the Huskies
  • Don’t forget Cal was facing a Huskie team minus its best player in Stanback
  • Cal has some holes, USC isn’t going to get run over in that game
  • No matter what the pundits say
  • I’m looking for Rey Rey to break out over the next two games
  • Boy Miami sucks
  • Who in the country wasn’t rooting for Duke to win the game with time running down and inside their own five?
  • Boy Florida State sucks
  • But calling for the head of College Football’s patriarch?
  • That was a big win for Rutgers against Pitt
  • This is really a three team race in the Big East
  • What a comeback for John L. Smith…
  • …The question of course is how do you end up 35 down to Northwestern to begin with?
  • Oregon is just in a free fall right now in PAC 10 play
  • Big win for Clemson…
  • …Although you never know what you’re going to get with Georgia Tech
  • And CJ Spiller (sorry Moody) may be the best freshman in the country
  • And he’s fast
  • Louisville is struggling right now
  • Could the favorite to win the Big East really be Rutgers?
  • Boy it looked like Oklhoma missed Peterson (I guess that could’ve been predicted)
  • I hope Notre Dame doesn’t take these two morale boosting comebacks and bring a confidence into LA come November
  • Oregon State didn’t look like a major threat against Arizona
  • That might be something to fear
  • Hopefully the Trojans will get a comfortable win, and get all cylinders clicking next week

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