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Thursday, October 19th 2006

The Snooze Week

Here are my weekly picks for week 8.

West Virginia (-22.5) v. Conneticut
Louisville (-17.0) v. Syracuse
Texas (-4.5) v. Nebraska
Ohio St. (-30.5) v. Indiana
Wisconsin (-6.5) v. Purdue
Ole Miss (+21.0) v. Arkansas
Missouri (-15.0) v. Kansas St.
Auburn (-31.5) v. Tulane
Notre Dame (-13.5) v. UCLA
Tennessee (-11.0) v. Alabama
Michigan (-12.5) v. Iowa
Boston College (+6.0) v. Florida St.
Washington (+23.5) v. Cal
Oregon (-3.5) v. Washington St.
Boise St. (-21.0) v. Idaho
Pitt (-6.5) v. Rutgers
Oklahoma (-14.0) v. Colorado
Texas A&M (+3.5) v. Oklahoma St.
Clemson (-7.5) v. Georgia Tech
LSU (-33.0) v. Fresno St.

Some tough calls even though there aren’t a lot of interesting games this week. Actually I’m probably the least confident about this week as any previous week.

With USC on a bye week I’ll focus on my home state team and of course USC’s two archrivals. The Longhorns get their second “real” challenge of the season. Well probably not…

Despite my pick of Nebraska as the Big 12 champ, I have to go with Texas in this game. They’ll easily cover, even playing early and in Nebraska and even after the way they started that game versus Baylor last week.

Texas 34 – Nebraska 21

Vegas has been kind to the Bruins. Coming off a bye week, I tihnk this Irish team steps up. This offense is still capable of putting up points. The Bruins found a QB last week (after Olson was injured versus Arizona). As maligned as Notre Dame’s defense is, they’re not the Duck defense of last week. We’ll see how the young UCLA QB holds up.

Notre Dame 28 – UCLA 10

I’m an impressive .729 this season so far this season. There are always some “safer” bets. I called out 4 games last week as good bets (if that is your kind’ve thing) and got three of them right (which…really isn’t that much better than my regular batting average). So, which games am I confident about this week? Well, few; like I said I’m worried about my picks this week. But let’s go with…

Wisconsin versus Purude. Only a touchdown to win the bet? I mean, have you seen this Wisconsin offense the past couple weeks?

Auburn versus Tulane. Some might be afraid of a “step off” week. I mean there’s no chance Tulane will win this game obviously, but coming off a big win will Auburn sleep walk through this game? If so they might not even get 32 points. They’ll be ready though.

Texas A&M beating Oklahoma St. My little “upset” special. I know Oklahoma State reciever Bowman is a stud (a 300 yard game last week!). Even playing at home the Aggies will be too much. Oklahoma State has lost to Houston, and beaten no one of note – including struggling with Kansas last week.

Let’s see if I can go 100% for my “confident” picks.