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Tuesday, October 3rd 2006

Week 5 Quick Hits

Oh, a long time coming but worth the wait.

  • Steve Smith is a freaking stud, he really stepped up
  • Now that I’m calm, I have no idea where the defensive line went
  • The Trojan secondary finally got challenged
  • Washington St. and South Carolina are about on the same level…
  • …and Auburn’s victory was no more impressive than USC’s
  • That was supposed to be is a terrible offensive line in Pullman…
  • …but they looked like all-stars against the Trojan front
  • Yeah, punter Greg Woidneck did well, but on replay it isn’t that spectacular of a catch
  • Poof goes any chance of a mid major in a BCS bowl with TCU’s loss…
  • …and no I don’t think Boise St. can close the gap, even if they go undefeated…
  • …which they won’t
  • Garrett Wolfe deserves all the props he’s getting in the media
  • More dancing around by our young tailbacks in the backfield
  • What was Chilo doing on the offensive line?
  • Michigan is a good team…
  • …but only them OR Ohio St. can play in Tempe
  • Where has LoJack been this season?
  • What was the third and long run play late in the game?
  • Clearly Lane Kiffin does not trust John David Booty, despite Scott Wolf quotes from Kiffin to the contrary
  • Calls for Kiffin’s head on message boards are WAY premature…
  • …but either he knows something about the limitations of the offense we don’t (which he’s denied to reporters), or he is sucking it up.
  • Talk about an implosion in Athens, GA
  • However, all could be redeemed with a victory over the Volunteers
  • I was more than a little surprised at Georgia Tech’s victory
  • I’m sure the Domers were happy about that
  • We have to find a pass rush
  • One more time, we have to find a pass rush
  • Is Washington for real? Remember the Huskies blew up Miami’s regular season streak
  • If Peterson runs well, even in a loss this week, is the Heisman his to lose?
  • As said above, that would be a shame considering Wolfe’s season
  • Now Chris McFoy is out?!
  • Hold onto the ball Patrick!!