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Thursday, October 5th 2006

Week 6 Picks

My week six picks are up for my Yahoo Pick’em League. Just a reminder I’m a damn good .775 against the spread so far this season. Granted Yahoo has pretty “reasonable” point spreads but…still impressive.

Since online sports books might be kaput soon, if you’re going to bet online, now is the time to do it. Especially since I think this is an excellent week.

This is a good thing since my week-by-week record has been slowly slipping. I kind’ve filled up on all those early chump games, so I’m surviving. In anycase, I think I’ll pick up from last week’s 10 – 7 showing.

If I had money, I might even gamble this week (but of course as a med student I don’t). I really think some of these spreads are values. So much so, I was willing to take some risks (like picking Middle Tennessee to keep it within 30 against Louisville).

Easy Picks This Week: Tennessee over Georgia especially if you can find a two point or two and a half spread. That is a deal of a bet I think. Despite last week at Kansas I feel pretty confident about Nebraska over Iowa St. And the South Carolina – Kentucky game, the gap just keeps narrowing. I’d take South Carolina (even after that let down against Auburn) at anything under 7. And oh yeah, I think Florida wins and any victory is going to cover a 2 point spread.