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Thursday, October 12th 2006

Week 7 Picks

My week 7 picks are up. I may come to the halfway point of season better than .750. Pretty impressive. Of course, this week poses some big pot holes, and I may be seeing the early signs of a prion disease (I’ve been buying extended warranties, lottery tickets, and I’ve picked a bunch of heavy favorites not to cover this week).

The Salesmen In The Cheap Suits? They Love Me

Despite some pot holes there are some “sure things” this week (well, not really but places where I think the oddsmakers have clearly made mistakes).

  • If You Find Missouri Less Than A 3 Point Favorite Versus Texas A&M That Is A Great Bet
  • Michigan Less Than A Touchdown Favorite Even Without Manningham? This Isn’t Last Year’s PSU Team
  • I Feel Confident Cal Will Pound Washington State’s Offense. I’d Take Anything Less Than Two Scores (Yahoo Has It At 8 Points)

Besides those confident picks, I think Auburn wins at home. I’m obviously a little less confident about this. I know, I know, Florida is great. They’re much better than the other #2 – USC.

Pete Carroll Is Confused About Kirk Herbstriet’s Recent Comments

Both Florida and Auburn beat LSU and Florida did it more resoundingly. Auburn is looking for a big bump up from last week, and Florida is going to come off that high from LSU (who is worse than people give them credit for).

Auburn 23 – Florida 17

A Team That Can Actually Run Versus A Team With A Run Defense
Well…I’m Stumped