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Monday, October 16th 2006

Week 8 Quick Hits

  • Another week…
  • …another win
  • Boy Chris Leak kind’ve blew it, eh?
  • Chauncey Washington is the USC offense
  • Did Lane Kiffin rise too quickly? From GA to offensive coordinator in how many years?
  • And he has no other coaching expeirence except at USC
  • I liked the blitzing
  • We looked good in the first half
  • We looked good on the last drive
  • What happened in between?
  • I’m concerned about John David Booty’s vision; he stares down his first read
  • It is hard to criticize a guy though with just 4 interceptions
  • Stop dropping interceptions!
  • That Michigan – Penn State game was more of a blow out than it seemed
  • That Michigan rushing defense is scary good
  • Tuberville needs to stop whining about a playoff system
  • That was a nice touchdown reception by Allen Bradford
  • It is good to see him on the field
  • Emmanuel Moody has to hold onto the ball…
  • …that isn’t a rookie mistake; that is something which only takes concentration and dedication
  • We have to force turnovers
  • We have to develop a “killer” instinct
  • Booty has completed passes to 17 different recievers
  • I no longer question Kiffin not calling deep passes…
  • …because having seen more JDB still has some difficult with them
  • Booty still has some maturation to do, even 6 games in…
  • …and while he does this team needs to be carried by the o-line and Chauncey Washington
  • Auburn’s defense really showed up at home
  • Don’t tell me Mitch Mustain beat Auburn…
  • …Arkansas won two weeks ago with the same rushing attack that USC faced
  • Something good to take away…USC shut down ASU’s rushing offense
  • The best part of the Sun Devil’s offense had been their rushing offense…
  • …and the Trojans held them less than 3 yards per carry
  • Good for Hoeppner after surgery to remove scar from his brain…
  • …I thought Iowa was overrated…
  • …and that Indiana had fight in them
  • Man how far has Georgia fallen?
  • Just think all Trojans fans, you could be rooting for the team playing betwee the hedges…
  • …rather than an undefeated one
  • Trust in Pete to make some improvements in the bye week