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Monday, October 30th 2006

Week 9 Quick Hits

Some People Get Happy – Just Not Me

  • Three loses in almost four seasons…
  • …two national championships…
  • …four BCS Bowls…
  • …three Heisman trophies…
  • …that is what Pete Carroll has brough to Southern California
  • JDB is going to have to stop throwing tipped passes (an odd complaint to start out with I know…but…com’n man, just get the ball up)
  • Steve Smith continues to be the brightest spot on this team
  • Can Rey please show up for team meetings on time?
  • Not that he always knows what he’s doing on the field…
  • …maybe Oscar is the better option as we search for some leadership
  • Dagnabit, Brent Schaefer can’t you pull off the upset?!
  • Auburn, Michigan, Louisville, Florida, Texas, and West Virginia all look vulnerable
  • This is going to be chaos in the BCS
  • It looks like DJ is sleepwalking through the game
  • It is hard to be impressed with the heart needed for that comeback considering we lost, but I appreciated the effort
  • For weeks I called for us to blitz more…
  • …because the 3-4 isn’t working and LoJack and Ellis seem lost and playing without passion…
  • …now we do and we see the holes it opens up in our weak, young secondary
  • We have to go to a 4-3
  • We have to hold onto the ball
  • We have to take more shots down field
  • There’s always a chance in a big rivalry game…
  • …but even though they’re both undefeated, with the way they’ve been playing don’t you have to make Ohio State like 2 touchdown favorites on November 8th
  • Is this defense reallly any better than 2004?
  • For all the hype maybe some of these hard hitting linebackers have reached the max of their Football IQ
  • Maybe for all their stars we can’t expect any more out of these players…
  • Chilo? Moala? Cushing? Maualuga?
  • …high school reps aren’t college reps…
  • …and especially the guys on defense, besides making big hits have some of these linebackers shown much else?
  • I thought Pete’s key to the offseason was fixing special teams…
  • …apparently not
  • That was a godawfully easy return for a TD
  • Is Rutgers for real?
  • Because giving a lead to Conneticut doesn’t inspire confidence
  • Can an undefeated Big East team hold off a Florida or Auburn?
  • Wow, Nebraska really isn’t that good…
  • …but maybe the Cowboys will give the Longhorns something to chew on next weekend
  • Tough loss for impressive QB Bell, at Baylor
  • With supreme optimism I have some predictions for the remainder of the season. If I’m right I’ll look like a genius. If I’m wrong, no one will remember.
  • How The Season Will Play Out:
  • USC runs the table and goes 11-1…
  • …including a trouncing of Cal
  • On November 2 Louisville beats West Virginia
  • On November 4 Tennessee loses to LSU
  • On November 18th ‘Bama upsets Auburn, Ohio State crushes Michigan
  • On November 24th Texas struggles with Texas A&M
  • On November 25th Louisville loses to Pitt, Florida struggles against Florida State
  • on December 2 Arkansas beats Florida in the SEC Championship, Texas struggles with Missouri in the Big 12 Championship, Boston College wins the ACC
  • Rutgers finishes the season with one loss and wins the Big East
  • Boise State goes undefeated and qualifies for a BCS bid
  • Cal finishes 10-2, Notre Dame finishes 10-2, Arkansas finishes 11-2 (other loss being to LSU)
  • USC finishes #2 in 5 of the 6 BCS computers, #3 in one BCS human poll and #4 in the other
  • On December 3 USC leapfrogs Texas by the slimest of margains into the #2 spot for the final BCS rankings creating outrage
  • The Rose Bowl passes on several two loss SEC teams to take a two loss BCS eligible Cal
  • The Sugar Bowl does the same, jumping at a chance to take Notre Dame (who despite not being high enough for an automatic bid are still BCS eligible as an at-large)
  • There’s outrage and pandemonium througout the southeast as “the country’s toughest conference” gets only one BCS bid
  • National Championship: Ohio State v. USC
  • Rose Bowl: Cal v. Michigan
  • Sugar Bowl: Arkansas v. Notre Dame
  • Orange Bowl: Rutgers v. Boston College
  • Fiesta Bowl: Texas v. Boise State