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Sunday, October 8th 2006

Wk 6 Quick Hits

“I Think We Can All Agree That New York Kirk Herbstriet Can Forni–…”

  • USC should apologize for its past two victories according to Herbstriet
  • Apologize? For winning?
  • Herbstriet’s alma mater trailed or were tied going into the fourth quarter in five games during their 2002 BCS championship season (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • That championship team, that Kirk was no doubt cheering for, won 5 games by 7 points or less.
  • And yet a game USC never trailed in deserves an apology?
  • Not surprised by Florida’s victory at all.
  • LSU’s defense is good…
  • …but calling for them to just run over Florida when they’d played previously the offensive powerhouses: La-Lafeyette, Arizona, Auburn, Tulane, and Mississippi State, was a little bit foolish on some pundit’s part.
  • Very surprised about the Razorback victory
  • It would be a shame, even with their big victory, if Florida jumped USC in the polls
  • Boy SEC football is ugly
  • Did Tebow really throw that “basketball, double clutch”/shot put touchdown pass?
  • Injuries are playing a big part in our struggles…
  • …but what is up with the play calling?
  • Patrick Turner had a very good game, the game I expected last week
  • If I see another naked bootleg I might throw up
  • If I see another first down run I might throw up
  • According to Wolf, the odds of us running on first down in the 2nd half: 83.3%
  • According to Wolf, the odds of us passing on second down in the 2nd half: 66.6%
  • I’m sure Ty Willingham had a difficult time figuring out our offense…
  • Kiffin either sucks or doesn’t trust this offense (same as last week)
  • What is up with the lack of pressure from the defense?
  • What is up with the lack of blitzing?
  • Was it a mistake to bring Holt in as D Coordinator?
  • Colt McCoy is improving every game for Texas
  • Michigan is a great football team…
  • …I’m really looking forward to Ohio St. – Michigan
  • I’m worried about when Cal comes to the Collisseum…
  • …actually, I’m worried about next and all following weeks, as well
  • Booty is still staring down his first option
  • Has he gone to a third read on a pass play all season?
  • Emmanuel Moody continues to look good
  • Chauncey Washington looks better every game
  • His numbers don’t show what he contributed against Washington
  • Our offensive line did well in pass protection
  • The AP recap piece makes it sound like the game was Washington’s to win…
  • …baloney, clearly USC was the best team on the field…
  • …despite our struggles
  • Pretty impressive that USC now has verbals from ESPN’s 150 TOP 2 PLAYERS
  • That end of the game clock situation was unfair to USC…
  • …not the Huskies, no matter what Ty says
  • Why did Dwayne Jarrett even step on the field when he’s clearly hurting still?
  • Hopefully Steve will be okay
  • How could we not put it in the endzone?
  • Especially that last drive…I’m looking at you Kiffin
  • Maybe our expectations got too high after Arkansas
  • We are 5 – 0 however, and we are not the Georgia Bulldogs
  • We will not run the table if injuries keep piling up and we turn in performances like the past two weeks…
  • …but maybe the coaching staff has learned something, has some tricks up their sleeves…
  • …we could very easily see some improvement starting next week
  • At least Mark May still thinks we’re the #2 in the country

    Kirk Why Can’t You Be More Like Mark?

  • Will Cal run the table in the PAC 10?
  • Could USC miss out on a BCS bowl if that happens?
  • I am not impressed by Notre Dame’s win over Stanford
  • The Trees maybe the worst team in the nation, no joke
  • Scary to think Arkansas controls it’s own fate for the SEC championship
  • Hopefully we can chomp on “weaker” competition over the next three weeks…
  • …and get healthy
  • Somehow I doubt it though