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Wednesday, November 8th 2006

As Of This Morning

Democratic House,

Democratic Senate!

Okay, not “officially.” Virginia will go to a recount but Webb will take that state. Here’s what I said at 1 AM this morning (and it is even more true now),

I am telling you, unless there are a bunch of outstanding votes in Virginia Webb will win that recount. And I have no idea what they’re talking about on CNN about a recount in Missouri, McCaskill leads by 30,000+ votes and Talent is conceding. If Montana keeps up its trend for Tester, then the Dems WILL control the Senate, you can put that in your pipe and smoke it even before the Virginia recount finishes.

In Montana however the media has called it for Tester with 99% of the vote in.

Candidate Vote %
Tester (D) 198032 49%
Burns (R) 194904 48%

In Virginia Web still leads by about 7000 votes. Here’s the CNN count as well.

Candidate Vote %
Webb (D) 1171813 49.55%
Allen (R) 1164767 49.25%

In the House it is 228 – 196 (for the Dems) with 11 undecided. Currently that is a 26 seat pick up. Updating results for the eleven contested seats are linked to below. Texas’ 23rd and Louisiana’s 2nd will have a runoff (so we won’t know for some time).

Louisiana’s 2nd will go Dem after a run off. PA-8 will go Dem as with all the vote counted the Democratic challenger holds a better than 1500 vote lead. Georgia’s 12th will STAY Democratic (so not a pick up),

Ohio’s 2nd will go Republican I think, as will Ohio’s 15th. Wyoming’s only House seat will probably stay Republican. Texas’ 23rd will probably stay Republican with Henry Bonilla, but it is hard to say for sure.

The vote in Connecticut’s 2nd has been counted and the Dem leads by ~170 votes which is too close to call the race during a recount. New Mexico’s 1st is too close to call. It is still too early in the vote to call Washington’s 8th district.

Prediction: Dems 233 – Reps 202
Change: Dems +31