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Wednesday, November 22nd 2006

Being Prompt Is Overrated

The Quick Hits are here. Damn I’m busy. Not for me studying thought, apparently.

  • Two games to go!
  • Down by twenty-three points to Oregon State how many Trojan fans still had faith in a fifth PAC 10 title?!
  • Or controlling your destiny to the National Championship
  • I thought the Trojan defense played masterful
  • This was an offense, that while shown up last week, was the most prolific in the league prior to that
  • Is Carroll back controlling the defense or what? (Sorry, Nick Holt)
  • That was a great catch when DJ got knocked around…
  • …I know he’s been injured, but he’s either looked like he’s dogging it out there…
  • …or hurting for a lot of this season
  • Well, that ended that race…
  • …ladies and gentlemen your 2006 Heisman Trophy winner – Troy Smith
  • I don’t care what Brady does against the Trojans
  • Booty didn’t look so on the money but he made the throws he needed to
  • Seriously, Michigan wasn’t even in that game
  • Troy Smith looked unstoppable in the first half
  • Darren McFadden will be the Heisman frontrunner next year…
  • …how impressive does that win look now?
  • Taylor Mays, Kevin Ellison and Co. are really playing well…
  • …of course their experience will get tested on Saturday…
  • …make no mistake the Fat Guy’s protege, Pretty Boy, is a great QB
  • But as Michigan showed, if Carroll can achieve the pressure he has the last few weeks Brady will have problems
  • Not to start writing for GQ, but is Charlie Weis the ugliest coach in college football?
  • It is a serious question
  • Michigan should not get another shot at Ohio State
  • If not us, then the SEC champion
  • A win on Saturday and the Trojans could’ve beaten 3 BCS Teams…
  • …and if Cal hadn’t barfed up a shocker against ‘Zona, then potentially four!
  • I feel sorry for Wisconsin…
  • …one loss (to Michigan no less!) and the Capitol One bowl to show for it?
  • Wisconsin would kill BCS hopeful Boise State by 15 points
  • Oh yeah, sorry for Rutgers as well…
  • Man C.J. Gable was shifty…
  • …I know they wanted to use a two back set and Moody established himself in practice…
  • …but seriously where did C.J. disappear to between the Arkansas game and here?
  • Never have I seen a team so hyped up as Notre Dame is…
  • …when the hell does a coach admit he’s been planning three weeks for a game, and ignoring the games in between?! (Which Fat Guy has done)
  • Fight On! Beat The Irish!