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Wednesday, November 8th 2006

Election Summary

House: Dems ~+30
Senate: Dems +6

It looks like I was pretty close with predicting a Dem +33 seat pick up in the House. We’ll know more tomorrow. Certainly we will have our first female Speaker.

In the Senate, Virginia will go down to a recount. Webb however has an ~8000 vote lead in the official count, which will be insurmountable to any recount challenge.

In Montana counting continues, and Fox News is actually reporting some polling stations are still open as of 12 AM Mountain Time. Still, with 65% reporting Tester holds ~4% lead over Republican incumbent Conrad Burns.

I am more than eager to call both those races for the Dems. As such, the Senate will look like,

Dems: 51
Rep: 49

Both chambers will go the Democrats. Such is the way it should be. 30+ seats, especially during war, is not exactly historical. I think anything less than that and control of the Senate would’ve been a disappointment. This was one of the greatest election scenarios for an out of power party of all time and some pundits thought the Dems were only going to manage say a 19 or 20 seat House gain and most had written off a serious chance to take the Senate. That would’ve been horrific for the Democratic party.

In Texas’ 23rd Henry Bonilla will face a run off, after failing to achieve 50% of the vote against a handful of Democratic contenders. That is a great thing.

If things change over night I’ll be sure to update this tomorrow. For now, be excited about a split government.