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Thursday, November 30th 2006

Funny, Enraging Stuff

Despite the fact it involves a blogger prone to ridiculous drama queen comments such as:

I’m almost to the point of suggesting that Texas’ decline its bowl invitation. Honestly, there’s just nothing left to gain.

A hilarious conversation between EDSBS’ Orson Swindle and Peter/HornsFan from Burnt Orange Nation on the USC-UCLA game is up at Bruins Nation.

In all seriousness, Orson proves once again he is the funniest/cleverest sports blogger on the web. Complete sincerity in that statement. Every Day Should Be Saturday should be on any football fan’s reading list.

Warning: There’s language in the excrepts from the conversation below.
Part 1:

Peter: And Pete Carroll is more of a humanitarian

OS: Pete Carroll–wearing a boonie cap handing out antibiotics in the Sudan.

Peter: I heard he bribed the Hutus to lay off the Tutsis.

OS: …saying “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you” to guinea worm in Gabon…

Peter: He may be shady. But his intentions, man…

OS: Crystal clear. Even if he’s using Reggie Bush’s house to shelter blood diamond money.

OS: It’s all going to the kids.

Part 2

OS: Okay, final factor.

OS: The ‘X’ factor. The ‘X” stands for “Xactly anything you care to bring into the debate.”

Peter: ok, X factor – non-OJ category

Peter: Trojans are 0-1 in the Rose Bowl in 2006.

OS: Correctly guessed you’d bring that up. To what team?

Peter: They lost to Vince Young’s tree trunk. Also known as his penis.

OS: That game should have just been credited to him.

OS: VINCE: 1, USC Humanitarians, 0

Peter: Seriously – Vince Young cuts Pete’s illicit diamonds with his cock. True story.

OS: Don’t doubt it. He loves the orphans, too.

I’ll admit, hard to get my blood boiling at USC mocking when it is actually funny. It’ll be funnier still once USC wins by 25 on Saturday. In case you missed it, here’s the proof that Pete is a humanitarian straight from the horses mouth.