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Sunday, November 26th 2006

Mission Impossible Style

So you wanted the BCS standings early? Although officially “embargoed” until 7:30 pm EST (about 90 minutes away), the BCS standings for this week are hidden away in a PDF file on National Football Foundation website.

1. Ohio State – Harris: 1.00 – Coaches: 1.00 – Computers: 1.00 – Total: 1.00
2. USC – Harris: .951 – Coaches: .947 – Computers: .940 – Total: .946
3. Michigan – Harris: .917 – Coaches: .918 – Computers: .930 – Total: .9216

What is a little surprising is how big the margin is between USC and Michigan and how well USC did in the computers. Tellshow wasn’t expecting a big jump in the computers until next week, but we’re #1 in two computers and the clear #2 in computer average (which Tellshow, and other pundits expected Michigan to hold onto by the slimmest of margins this week).