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Saturday, November 4th 2006

Pick'em Open Thread

*3:52 PM*

A good way to start, Ball State holding up my prediction (and then some!) by giving Michigan a game, and as I’m sure many could’ve predicted Vandy making it a game against the Gators.

I really thought Clemson was going to win, but I was so close to calling the 17 point spread against Maryland as far too large. Turns out even that wouldn’t have given the Terps enough credit as they beat Clemson.

I’ve started 3 – 1, and will need some help for Notre Dame to win by less than 25 (currently up by 12 in the 3rd quarter).

By the way, how tough is it to be a Georgia Bulldog fan this season? What a horrific loss to Kentucky, getting picked off trying to drive for the winning score. That sounds bad and I don’t really mean that, because Kentucky is having a better season than I for one certainly thought. This team won this game, Georgia didn’t lose it. But, Georgia, despite losing DJ was supposed to be a competitor at the top of the SEC rankings this season. This is a tough, tough season for them. And then Sylvester Croom’s Pop Warner team beat ‘Bama. I suppose this “parity” is what makes the SEC the nation’s undisputed best conference.

Isn’t That Right Tommy Tuberville?

*4:23 PM*

Notre Dame is still only up by 12 points at the start of the fourth quarter. Boy Notre Dame looks every week like it is struggling. USC-esque even.

Oh my dear – Auburn doesn’t score in the fourth quarter and misses the spread by 3 versus Arkansas State. Very dissappointing.

As well, even though it now looks North Carolina will keep it under the spread, Washington is down by 10 at half time. They need to keep it under 17.

And of course Tennessee is leading the Tigers, thanks to the Refs. There is no doubt that that punt hit the Volunteer player – don’t tell me that PAC 10 refs are the only morons on the field.

“Can’t You See, Ref?!”
If I Go Into Ophthalmology Do My Complaints About The Officiating Become More Valid?

*4:38 PM*

Oh, what a good blow for my picks. After Notre Dame extended their lead to 19 in the 4th quarter (25 point spread), they fumbled a punt and Mack Brown’s old team jumped on it. A touchdown here might put this one in the “correct” column.

Wow, a Tenn. fan just kicked a 35 yard field goal during half time for $100,000. Impressive. I bet a video of that shows up on YouTube, if it doesn’t I might put it up eventually.

*5:02 PM*

North Carolina keeps it at 19 for the final against Notre Dame as the clock winds down. Good for me.

LSU cuts the Volunteer lead to 3 (again) on a nice throw from Russell. Now if Ohio State can just score ten points against Illinois. Illinois is a troubling team for picking. They seem to keep it within the spread when you least expect them to.

A 14 Point Victory Against Illinois? Don’t You Have Any Pride Troy Smith?

*5:25 PM*

D’oh! Washington is now down by 17 at the start of the fourth quarter. They need to get it to 1 point less. Arizona leads (!) against 16 point favorite Washington State (that would be a good thing for my picks).

And of course, the Illini have crushed me by scoring a touchdown with under 3 minutes left to cut the Ohio State lead to 7 points. And nearly recovered that onside kick. If Ohio State isn’t going to cover the spread at least let them suffer the biggest upset in years. Oh well, Ohio State probably holds on.

But of course, LSU has taken the lead against Tennessee (by 4 no less, which is beyond the 3 point spread). And of course the Volunteers losing would be great.

*5:28 PM*

Now Oregon leads by 20. Washington needs some spirit to go down the field and catch me a touchdown.

*6:00 PM*

As the USC game kicks off LSU is trying to drive to win the game at Tennessee. They benefited from their own ref screw up when JaMarcus Russell clearly fumbled the ball but had been blown dead. A touchdown will cover the spread. They’re facing a fourth down and 2 or 3 as I type.

And, Washington could not manage a touchdown to cut into the Oregon 20 point victory. That game is now done. I will however, get the Washington St – Arizona game right.

*6:07 PM*

LSU got a false start, moving it to a fourth and 8th but then converted. Let’s keep it moving.

*6:10 PM*

Russell throws a touchdown on third down with 9 seconds left to play. Wow, he comes back from 3 interceptions to lead them on this last gasp drive. Music city miracle is now the only hope for Fulmer and company. Another one loss team goes down.

*6:20 PM*

Kiffin: “Uh, we want to establish the run…”

That dream in the Preview: Stanford I had of USC throwing early, often and blowing out this game? Yeah, not happening. Three and out on the first possession after Kiffin calls two successive running plays including on third and seven/eight.

Good job Kiffin, you continue to endear yourself to Trojan fans.

*10:22 PM*

Even after winning 42 – 0 against the hapless Trees, the most pressing line of the night is the exact same criticism I opened the USC game with (see above),

USC ran the ball four times on third-and-long in the first 20 minutes

Kiffin: “We were bound to break one of them!”

It has been a God awful day for my picks. I’ve gone 9 – 9…the same as two weeks ago…the same as a monkey throwing darts. I simply fell apart in the late afternoon games. *Sigh*

How did I do so well the first half of the season and so horrific the second half in terms of picking against the spread. If I pick it up by next week…maybe I can still finish above .700 for the season