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Wednesday, November 1st 2006

Should You Really Get Poked?

New arguments are emerging after a look at the available evidence questions the cost effectiveness of giving everyone an influenza vaccine every year.

Here’s the BBC story on it,

There is not enough evidence to support the policy of immunising people against seasonal flu, an expert has claimed.

Given the huge resources involved in yearly vaccination campaigns, an urgent re-evaluation is needed, Tom Jefferson says in the British Medical Journal.

Mr Jefferson said when he studied the data much of the work was flawed and he found little proof of the jab’s merit.

In the UK, experts say groups most at risk, such as the elderly, should get the vaccine during the flu season.

But it is difficult for scientists to make the vaccine because the influenza viruses mutate and the strains circulating vary from year to year.

The flu vaccine producers are going to love this.