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Sunday, November 12th 2006

The College Football Picture Part Deux

A few hours/posts ago I questioned whether USC could surplant a struggling Florida team…well…we’ve done it!

With Florida’s lead in the Coach’s poll nearly nothing and USC ahead in the Harris poll, USC WILL be #3 in this week’s BCS when they come out. Here is Tellshow’s prediction:

Ohio State .9739
Michigan .9679
Southern Cal .8681
Florida .8444
Notre Dame .8046
Rutgers .7791
Arkansas .7487

Rutgers is the real surprise here. They will be #2 in the computers after beating Louisville! That is a stunner. Can they climb high enough in the human polls to reach the MNC game? I have a hard time believing that but…it is going to be a lot closer than I suspected.

Take Care Of Business Trojans! You’re in a great position.