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Sunday, November 12th 2006

The College Football Picture

We’ll know more when the BCS comes out, but how great of a weekend for USC was it? Except for the Cal loss (which will not only hurt USC’s SoS but may motivate the Golden Bears next week), almost everything went right.

Louisville lost on Thursday. Auburn lost. Texas lost. Florida looks like it is on the verge of collpase every week. Arkansas looks like a beast (which will not only help USC’s SoS but should be making Gator fans shivering at the prospect of the SEC championship game). And, Nebraska won the Big 12 North.

Who Knew Rutgers Hired’em This Smart?

It was a better possibility with Texas’ weak computer %, but with Florida struggling could USC close enough ground in the human polls to jump them in the BCS even if they both won out. It would be tough, considering that would imply Florida beat a one or two loss Arkansas team, but it might not be impossible. Wait for the BCS later today.

USC also might need a big loss in the Ohio State-Michigan game. It is a complicated issue. A lot of the voters speak of how they don’t want to see a rematch of a game everyone just saw. That sentiment will probably be enough to drop the loser below USC even in a close game, but as Stewart Mandel points out,

[T]here are only two national-title caliber teams this season … and they’re playing this Saturday. [W]hen I see Florida barely surviving South Carolina (Big Ten equivalent: Penn State) or Texas losing to Kansas State (Big Ten equivalent: Purdue), it only reinforces that OSU and Michigan are in their own stratosphere this year.

We’ll end with the best line from yesterday. After getting ripped for 45 points, Burnt Orange Nation had this to say,

Marcus Griffin proves once and for all that you can’t defend a pass without being near the football.

Then Again Maybe They Should’ve Given Some Credit To This Guy