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Monday, November 13th 2006

Week McDreamy

  • I don’t care what the haters say, USC’s defense stepped up
  • Ah, the joys of seeing a Leaf again at quarterback

    Your Brother Could’ve Led A Team Back From 25 Down

  • Welcome to the game LoJack. Finally
  • There are still questions marks…
  • …because USC was helped out a lot by Oregon mistakes
  • You saw the Georgia thrumping of a struggling Auburn coming, right?
  • But Texas losing to K-State?
  • Even with Colt McCoy going down (get well soon, kid) to give up 45 points to KANSAS STATE?
  • What has happened to Steve Spuriers gutsy, offensive play calling?
  • Everyone in the stands, everyone watching that game on television KNEW that South Carolina field goal was going to get blocked
  • Now you know the name of Georgia defensive back Tre Battle (if you didn’t before)
  • Losing Moody hurts…
  • …because to be honest who the hell knows how durable Chauncey is
  • It is good to see Patrick Turner getting so many snaps on the field…
  • …I thought he played well
  • What a monster game for Chauncey…
  • …pushing the ball into the endzone 3 times
  • There’s been a lot of criticism of the offensive play calling…
  • …but a win makes everything look rosier…
  • I didn’t even mind that DJ interception…
  • …it reminded me of Mike Williams pass to Leinart in the Michigan Rose Bowl
  • Of course this time Jarrett threw it into triple coverage and had it picked off
  • Now can we stop all the talk about Sanchez over Booty?
  • Even beating a team without Ainge under center Arkansas looks like it is rolling
  • Will the Ohio State – Michigan loser fall below USC?
  • Probably
  • Can you believe 2 weeks ago we were #8 in the BCS?
  • This is not time to think about these things…
  • …you’re in a great position Trojans…
  • …just keep playing the games!