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Thursday, December 7th 2006

A Traditional Thanksgiving

When The Turkey Catches Fire In The Oven

Thanksgiving is long gone, but there are some good stories from it.

Thanksgiving turned out to be excellent. I do an annual cranberry hunt with my kids. I hide a hundred cranberries around the house. Under rugs, inside the laundry hamper, in the pockets of dress shirts, behind the couch cushions, places like that. It’s then a contest between my son and daughter to see who can find the most cranberries. The winner gets twenty dollars. But the real fun is watching the housekeeper’s horror for the next two weeks as she finds crushed cranberries staining everything in the house and she has to clean it all up or she gets replaced. We also do a sweet potato fight with the leftovers. It’s a lot of fun.

Now back to the regularly scheduled programming.