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Friday, December 22nd 2006

Automatic Tracking System Upsets Man…

…he goes out and kills 132 people.

The controversial traveler screening program that digs through travel records to attempt to identify criminals and terrorists whose names aren’t necessarily on watch lists flagged a Jordanian man named Ra’ed al-Banna in 2003…

Customs officials in Chicago then probed him for answers and finding them wanting denied him entry, despite his possession of a valid visa. In 2005, al-Banna drove a car-bomb into a crowded line of police recruits and killed 132 people. Baker credited the Automated Targeting System for keeping al-Banna out of the country.

Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Policy Stewart Baker has a warped sense of the world. A warped sense of judging effectiveness of programs, of statistics, or justice, of what this country does and should stand for.