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Friday, December 29th 2006

Bruins Continue Spiral Into Ninth Circle

Hehe. Losers.

Typical Bruins responses:

“Well, we beat the Trojans, what does that make them?”

We’re playing in our fifth straight BCS bowl, you cheer for a team that let Jeff Bowden run up forty-four points on them. That was the day and you were the team. It was settled on the field and those Bruins players deserve their due credit. But nine out of ten days, you’re still a second rate team coached by a second rate coach.


“Well the season is still a success because we dashed USC’s hopes.”

No matter how many times you say something like, ‘Well, at least we beat (Rival X), so the season was a success.’ the glass is NOT half full.

If that was all that mattered, then you’d only play those rivalry games. I’m sorry but those 6 loses and a trip to (and loss in) the Emerald Bowl…yeah, that all actually happened. The season did not consist merely of a victory over the University of Southern California. Have fun in Karl Dorrell hell next year. As a Trojan fan, I’m booking my national championship game tickets NOW.