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Tuesday, December 19th 2006

ESPN Hosts Idiots

I try not to pick on college football pundits. I really do. Everyone is allowed errors, and the judgments of this game are very subjective. But really guys, you’re PAID to do this. I’m a medical student in class God knows how many hours a week, and I provide amateur analysis better than this.

I just watched ESPN’s Bowl Preview show during half time and the post game of the Poinsettia Bowl. The entire studio team picked Michigan to win. Fine, I think Michigan may even be the more talented team. So, I’m not riping them because they’re picking against my beloved Trojans (although personally I do not believe Michigan will be ready). But it is hard to take their picks or analysis seriously when they say things like this…

Desmond Howard Wondered How Texas Was Going To Perform Against Cal In The Holiday Bowl With QB Snead Transferring

You picked a campus about 120 miles too far west. You’re paid to keep up with this stuff! Here’s the real Holiday Bowl.

Todd Blackledge Thought The National Championship Would Come Down To Special Teams. Advantage? Well, According To Him Florida.

Wow. Let’s see Florida is 4-for-13 on field goals this year. Stunningly craptacular. The weakest part of the entire Florida team. Ohio State is 8-for-11, with a long nearly 20 yards more than Florida’s (33 v. 51).

and the Buckeyes are basically dead even in gross punting.

10 yard punt return average and 16 yard kick return average for Urban Meyer. Meanwhile, Ohio State trumps that with the same on punt returns but a 19 yard average on kick off returns.

There are plenty of reasons to think Florida might win. An overpowering advantage in the special teams game is not even close to a reasonable one. There is a limit to your subjective analysis of games. Please base it within some reason. The stats simply show, not only a lack of dominance by Florida but, apparent dominance by Ohio State when you consider the kicker situation. There is no subjective look at this season that could say that Florida’s special teams gives them an advantage in this National Championship game.

Todd is just making stuff up. You could’ve substituted ANY bowl game and he would’ve said the same fluff things. “I think it is going to come down to special teams. And that gives Team X, an advantage.”

Please, ESPN, hire some intelligent people – go out and clone Kirk. I don’t always agree with what he says but the man at least bases his opinion on what happens on the field and sounds intelligent. Desmond Howard meanwhile sounds like he got hit in the head too many times…he probably had to copy off Vince Young to RAISE his Wonderlic score.