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Sunday, December 3rd 2006

Final Quick Hits

  • What an ugly, ugly loss…
  • …it is hard to deny, an upset like this, with so much on the line…tarnishes the glint off of Pete Carroll and this program
  • I’ve done my critiquing of Lane Kiffin and welcome it back…
  • …even the UCLA Defensive Coordinator Walker called the Trojan offense “predictable”
  • Walker said he knew all he had to do was get into Booty’s head…
  • …and apparently he achieved that
  • Should someone else be calling the offensive plays?
  • Is there any chance Kiffin can come up with a suitable game plan for the Rose Bowl?
  • What an impressive job by Bob Stoops this year
  • I really don’t want a Michigan – Ohio State rematch
  • But I really hate whiney Urban Myer right now
  • Best scenario: Ohio State destroys Florida in Glendale
  • LSU especially will be much, much faster than UCLA’s defense
  • It will be the most impressive job coaching Carroll has done if he can actually get these players fired up to play in the Rose Bowl
  • Because no one is going to be excited about going back to the Rose Bowl
  • USC matches up better with Michigan
  • USC will be the underdog no matter who we play
  • Do the Trojans have any chance against LSU?
  • Can John David Booty mature in four weeks?
  • Can the USC offense become more diverse?
  • Our defense played well except for containing Cowhan’s legs
  • And at least we won’t see an opposing QB run for 100 yards on us…
  • …as Troy Smith would’ve done
  • I thought the front four did an okay job…especially Ellis…
  • …but as usual, they were so intent on getting to the passer they got out of their lanes constantly…
  • …and Cowhan ran all over us in the first half
  • Can that kid get some Accutane?
  • Is Rutgers for real or what?
  • I wanted them to win that game in overtime
  • What the hell happened on that Arkansas punt?
  • Houston Nutt chokes again
  • The country was suffering from Trojan exhaustion…
  • …you can believe they will not allow us to live this down
  • And if we cannot get up for the Rose Bowl (which I fear) and we lose…
  • …there will be people all over the “Trojan decline” bandwagon.
  • Com’n Pete, let’s get ready for Michigan or LSU