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Sunday, December 3rd 2006

Final Thoughts On UCLA

Classy Guy. Fans Of His Team Though? No So Classy.

Students and fans with some drink in them get riled up after an upset. Such is natural. But Bruins fans are classless jackasses. Please, read on before you condemn the post as sour grapes…especially if you happen to be a Bruins fan.

We got beaten. We didn’t give this game away. We got out prepared and out coached…

UCLA Defensive Coordinator Walker Had Your Number Lane Kiffin

…and we got out played.

“Davis Is Too Fast! I Better Get A Little Head Start…”

That doesn’t mean the Bruin fans don’t suck. Really suck. As in the worst fans I’ve ever seen.

As a student and last year I went and saw USC play Stanford, Cal, UCLA, Arizona State, Michigan, and Texas in away games or in Bowls. Basically, situations where there would be a large population of the opposition’s fans. Granted, only one of those games did we lose. But at last year’s Rose Bowl Texas fans were largely complete class. I would expect nothing less from my home state.

We’d Be Even Classier If We Had Elected Kinky…

But I hate the Rose Bowl when we go and play the Bruins. They’re assholes. It is as plain and simple as that. The only other experience along the same lines while I was at USC was when we lost in 3 OTs to Cal my sophomore year.

Even in losing efforts Bruins students were jerks. I’ve seen beer cups thrown (empty) at USC fans, just disgusting insults, etc. You can imagine it being ten times worse when the Bruins achieve an upset. Take this example (subscription required):

[T]here was absolutely NO crowd control which led to fights and fairly disgusting shouting matches. People were pushing and shoving…I mean dangerously! We had two small kids who were terrified. Bruins [were] actually yelling at our 4 yr old, “Tough luck kid”! Cheap shot, no?

Yelling at us, “So long, rich white trash!” [A]nd more and more…I get the dynamics of students being frustrated after years of losing to us …no problem with celebration……but I just don’t see it being so raunchy at the Coliseum.[I]t is partially the UCLA crowd…Texas was classier..won’t EVER go back to the Rose Bowl…I repeat…NEVER…even after 50 years of game attendance! Getting too old for this…

Antecedently (and that is all you can judge fans by) the Irish are much more composed and friendly. Even in victory, which I’ve never witnessed in person. Certainly online they’re much more gracious in defeat. I cannot stand some of the disgusting things coming out of the Bruins blogosphere:

Fu*k Southern Cal.

Fu*k the Humanitarian er … Pom Pom … we mean the Poodle.

Fu*k Your Stupid Band.

Fu*k Your Stupid Song.

Fu*k Your Puke Colors.

Fu*k Your Bandwagon fans.

We fu*king own Los Angeles.

So just Go Fu*k yourselves and Go Jump Off the Fu*king Southern California piers from New Port Beach to Santa Monica.

Fu*k every single one of you motherf*cking TrOJans.

This isn’t trash talking. This isn’t making fun of our “humanitarian” coach or making fun of U$C. The student’s reactions following the game and the comments online are mean spirited and utterly classless. Every Bruin really should be appalled at the apparent number of UCLA fans, by most accounts, at the Rose Bowl who acted like giant asses.

It’d be lovely to flood Bruins Nation (what a bunch of jerks), with Trojan fans next year (does anyone doubt the outcome of that game in the Coliseum), just posting horrific comments. See how quickly Nestor can ban new accounts with hundreds of Trojans signing up. But to drop to the level these guys are functioning at over there just kind’ve makes you shiver.

All I have to say is with students and fans like this…

…No Wonder UC Police Need Tasers

I hope the Bruins have fun in the Emerald Bowl (whatever the hell that is).

The Trojans will try not to tear up their “home” field playing in the Rose Bowl.