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Friday, December 15th 2006

Hicks Don't Buy Vioxx Case

Ah, Merck has won for the second time in just a few days (H/T Point of Law). This one was in ‘Bama.

Jurors Returned Home To Prepare For The Holiday Season

Lawyers for Albright, who works in the paint department of a Lowe’s store, told jurors he should receive as much as $5.75 million in his lawsuit. But jurors rejected Albright’s claims that Vioxx caused his heart attack and that the company failed to reveal potential dangers of the drug before pulling it from the market in 2004.

The best quote come from the the plantiff lawyers, the same ones who know just enough science to think cyclooxygenase is when you put air in you bike’s tires.

That wasn’t funny. Okay, in anycase,

”We’re disappointed, but it’s tough when you go against a Goliath,” he said.

Oh if only you had remembered to bring your slingshot to court!

Yes, that is the reason you lost. You didn’t lose because your client was obese with a history of diabetes and hypertension.