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Thursday, December 7th 2006

News Travels Slow…

…out of Westwood. I posted a long post on how stories were coming out about the behavior of UCLA fans the day of their massive upset of the Trojans. And of course the completely ridiculous online reactions of some Bruins fans.

The local LA channels were slower jumping on these. Official media reports took time to materialize. But a half week later we have reports of cars being set on fire and this horrific story where a USC fan lost an eye in a fight.

Daniel Crowson…lost an eye when he and a friend were set upon by as many as 10 UCLA fans simply they were “convenient” and “had the opposing colors on.”

“There certainly was no instigation,” the Torrance man said.

Crowson said he was taking punches from as many as 10 attackers, then “out of nowhere, I just remember seeing a flash of a bottle come across my face.”

“There certainly was no instigation,” the Torrance man said.

His wife also recounted seeing her husband’s injuries. “I see my husband come around the front of the car, covered in blood and just adrenaline-pumped, and screaming and saying, ‘They hit me with a bottle, they hit me with a bottle,’” she said. “The glass that hit his eye went through every layer of eye, severing it all, all the way to the jelly.”

If you witnessed the attack the Pasadena police department’s number is (626) 744-7113.

Sounds like the guy had an open globe. We can’t make a whole lot from this report. He had an evisceration or enucleation? He simply lost vision? Whatever the case, the report is still brutal.

Granted this isn’t Columbus, where rioting is an artform. But taken as a whole these stories are disturbing. It isn’t these incidences by single fans, it is the collective reports that make me think there is something in the water in Westwood. Either that or the culture at UCLA is simply malignant.