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Tuesday, December 12th 2006

Rabbis & US Academics Flock To Iran

From Little Green Footballs comes a funny story, well, funny if it wasn’t so downright ridiculous. In case you haven’t heard Iran is hosting a “conference” to study the evidence for the Holocaust. I’m not sure how this helps Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but I’m sure it does.

The funniest line in the Reuters piece?

Among the participants was U.S. academic David Duke, a former Louisiana Republican Representative. He praised Iran for hosting the event.

And as LGF points out the “rabbis” attending are from the extremely anti-zionist Neturei Karta, which truly is a fringe sect.

They feel the holy land can only be returned to the Jews with the return of the Messiah and so the current Israeli state is actually an affront to God, since they didn’t wait for the Messiah.

In anycase, as you can imagine Orac is all over this