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Friday, December 22nd 2006


HUGE NEWS! The Durham County DA has dropped the rape charges against the three lacrosse players. But not other charges stemming from the night.

Prosecutors [World class dumbass District Attorney Nifong] dropped rape charges Friday against three Duke University lacrosse players accused of attacking a stripper at a team party, but the three still face kidnapping and sexual offense charges, a defense attorney said.

Joseph Cheshire and attorneys for the other players have said for months the woman told several different versions of the alleged assault.

The reasoning? And this is just priceless. The accuser has changed her story AGAIN.

Cheshire said Friday that the accuser now says she does not know if she was penetrated, which he said led District Attorney Mike Nifong to dismiss the rape charges.

Nevermind Nifong withheld exculpatory DNA evidence, no physical evidence existed for rape (and certainly not a rape committed by these three). The entire case needs to be dismissed. Nifong has a he said/she said for “kidnapping” and his witness…well, she might have some character issues (just a few).