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Wednesday, December 20th 2006

Sharing Your Philosophy With A Cartoonist

If a possible disaster is in the public knowledge, it won’t happen.

My approach to this philosophy is one of optimism and confidence in human nature, which appears to be a little different than Mr. Adam’s. I’m sure this philosophy has a name, which I don’t know, but until I started reading Scott Adam’s (the creator of Dilbert) blog, I had never heard anyone express this same idea that I held.

I’m not worried about any problem that we can see coming. If you look at the history of the world, almost any time we thought we knew something bad was going to happen AND we had years of warning, things turned out okay.

The human population did not outgrow the food supply.
Earth didn’t run out of oil in the eighties.
The Y2K problem was solved.
The Soviet Union didn’t nuke us.
Vietnam did not set off much of a domino effect.
AIDS hasn’t annihilated the hetero population in the U.S.

This is kind’ve a stupid view of the world. Basically it boils down to, “even if this is a real problem, someone else will fix it.” But I actually think it generally holds true.

Which explains my kind’ve flippant attitude towards Global Warming and Avian Flu.

For instance in the discussion on global warming, while I truly don’t believe the evidence is all in, even if it is I doubt the dramatic consequences predicted by some. The odd thing is, I shouldn’t be so dismissive of those “disaster prognosticators,” seeing as their public warning and advocacy is probably what will save us from those very consequences (IF the world really is going to heat up as much as they say…which I certainly don’t concede has been proven).