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Tuesday, December 19th 2006

Transfers & Kidnappings

More tips of the hat than you’d think possible to EDSBS for there hilarious coverage of the joining of Jevan Snead & Coach O. The slim Texas QB is transferring to Ole Miss.

That’s A Great Stare Coach O

Or perhaps, more appropriately, he’s been kidnapped and dragged to Oxford.

And even though you’ve never heard of him, USC lost its own talent today in Antwine Perez who is heading to Minnesota to play safety. I encourage the freshman the best of luck, and advise him to bundle up. The kid was going to be a future monster hitter for the Trojans. All we can say to console ourselves is at least the Ogre didn’t lure him away with a new Hummer.

What is stunning is that Jarrett legitimately sounds like he’s thinking about staying. To our most potent offensive weapon: don’t do it!

[T]he two-time All-American insists he hasn’t made up his mind.

“I’m really on the fence. Everybody’s automatically thinking I’m going to go,” Jarrett said. “They say it even before I say it. I’m just going to weigh out my options when the game’s over, talk it out with my family and make my decision.”

I know he might feel like he was injured this season, like he wants to help the Trojans have a shot to get to the MNC game. Those would have to be some very strong feelings to outweigh millions. But those would be poor reasons to stay, this isn’t some immature youngster. This kid has been playing for three years, he’s shown everything he has, done everything he could possibly do.

A slightly more legit reason is to graduate. But you can come back and do that! Don’t risk injury! You’re ready for the NFL, go earn what you’ve been working for your entire life.