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Sunday, December 10th 2006

Why The Lakers Suck

Tomorrow, while I’m (hopefully) studying, the San Antonio Spurs take on the the Lakers.

I hate the Lakers.

“Uh, I’ll Take A Twelve Piece Bucket…Some Mashed Potatoes…”

Almost as much as I hate the Dallas Mavericks…

Someone Should Find Out If He Has A Sister…She May Be In Need of Protection

…but a rant on the Marky and the Mavs is for another time.

In anycase, Phil is running his mouth again. As if this has anything to do with him, in November he criticized Spur’s coach Greg Popovich for whining about the way Popovich’s friend Larry Brown was “let go” in New York:

“If [Brown’s settlement] was a concern to people, Popovich probably should have weighed in on Sterling about two or three coaches ago when he was breaking all their contracts. That was the time he should have been backing up coaches, not about a $40-million situation that ends up with $18 million. It’s about guys that were owed $500,000 or $600,000 who needed that kind of money.”

Jackson, unfortunately, is one of the most successful coaches of all time with more rings than he can shake a stick at. And while there’s some validity in saying he did it was the most dominant players in the game (Michael Jordan and then Shaq at his prime), even I admit that is a lousy response. Clearly Jackson deserves all the credit he gets.

That doesn’t mean his smug, reserved demeanor doesn’t rile me to all get up. Tomorrow I hope the Spurs pop Jackson & Co. bad.

Did I Mention I Hate The Lakers?