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Monday, January 8th 2007


James Cameron has come home to his “pet project.” The $200 million dollar film Avatar has been green-lighted by Fox.

The film…is an original science fiction story that will be shown in3D in conventional theaters. The story pits a human army against an alien army on a distant planet, using live actors and digital technology to make a large cast of virtual creatures who convey emotion as authentically as humans.

“This film is a true hybrid — a full live-action shoot, with C.G. characters in C.G. and live environments,” he said, referring computer-generated images. “Ideally at the end of the of day the audience has no idea which they’re looking at.”

With casting set to begin you can look at the character breakdowns here.

I got a hold of an alleged scriptment for Avatar years ago – maybe as early as 2001. The fact that an almost identical copy of the lengthy treatment became available online (and then disappeared) lends at least circumstantial evidence that the copy I had was real. I’m sure it is still floating around in the back alleys of the internet.

This is a little different than what I post typically. But the NYT story made me want to find my copy of Cameron’s treatment and read it again. I’m sure much of Avatar’s tale has changed (if what I have is even real) in the years between, but I’d like to get a summary and review of the story up.