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Tuesday, January 2nd 2007

"Best" Game Ever?

I think more has to be at stake personally. Plus, this is (as is always the case) the flavor of the moment. Pundits are paid to say debate driving, sensational things like “this was the single greatest game…nay, event…in all of human history.”

Still, Boise State over Oklahoma was certainly one of the most entertaining sporting competitions I’ve ever seen. Across the nation it had men (and women) who had no stake, who cared nothing for the outcome shouting in joy and surprise at what was certainly one of the most ballsy performances on a college football field in my life time.

If by some horrific “miracle” you missed it, or haven’t turned on ESPN in the past 24 hours, then here is how Boise State sent the game into overtime…

You Can Fault The Oklahoma Defense For Over Pursuing This Play

And here’s what happened once overtime started…

Hard To Fault Them For Not Seeing This 2 Point Conversion Coming

Fight On Peterson, Ian Johnson, Jared Zabranski Z. What a performance.