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Friday, January 5th 2007

Class (And Wit) Not Required…

…to be a billionaire. This is what Mark Cuban is wearing right now at the San Antonio Spurs – Dallas Mavericks game:

Is He Sure That’s Where He Got It?

The shirt doesn’t specify if the rash is limited to his palms and soles (secondary syphilis) but clearly, as early as last year, he was showing signs of the dementia of late syphilis.

Apparently I lack wit as well. Still, the point remains that I dislike Mark Cuban. He’s a fraud (yes, Broadcast.com was worth billions; you might as well play a scratch off and make your money that way) and a jackass (see the shirt).

Both Trying To Sell Tickets To The Colosseum (Although The Roman Colosseum’s Was Free…)

Still his Mavericks once again proved tonight that they are the best team in the NBA…right now.