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Tuesday, January 9th 2007


Didn’t see this coming. I overheard someone yesterday asking “How did Ohio State go undefeated this season?” But you should never pretend that a single game is reflective of true talent. It is a snap shot.

Everyone (or at least myself) underestimated Florida but for whatever reason Ohio State did not come to play (or coach…what the hell were they expecting from the Florida defense?). All the hype, all the time off (the longest ever between a final regular season game and a bowl) could’ve contributed but we’ll never be able to get into their heads.

As well, Florida played the game of their lives. Not to take anything away, just to be realistic, if you played that game 10 times this blow out would only happen once. Let us not forget the multitude of regular season games where Florida wasn’t even the best team on the field. I mention this only to stimy talk about how “great” this Florida team is. They were the best in the nation this year, but the 41 – 14 score should not lead anyone to put them amongst the all-time greats just yet.

And, just to reiterate how much this win annoys me…

I Hate Urban Meyer

I will cede to the “what if” game for just a moment. The way Ohio State came to play yesterday, USC would’ve easily been national champions (maybe not by 27 points) if only we had not been outplayed on that fateful day in December.

I’ve already mused on how that would’ve been destiny. Three in four years would’ve made all other achievements in recent college football pale to everyone but the fan’s of the other teams who achieved them. It would’ve been “Vince Young who?”

It is sad to dwell on that. Plenty of college teams can make such “what if” claims to greatness. Besides, I literally already have secured my tickets for next year’s national championship. After the way Florida played USC will probably start #2…but I have no doubt the Trojans will be in New Orleans.