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Monday, January 8th 2007

Many Reasons To Root For The Buckeyes

There are many reasons to cheer for the Buckeyes tonight:

1) I hate Urban Meyer.
2) Jim Tressel writes a blog. Or he would if he was a uninhibited 14-year old boy.
3) I already picked the Buckeyes to win.

In any case, if Florida gets beaten like the red headed step child they are in this process then I will be 22 of 32 for picking the bowl games. Disappointing but not terrible at .687.

Bowl Game Prediction Actual
San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia TCU TCU
Las Vegas BYU BYU
New Orleans Rice Troy
Papa Johns USF USF
New Mexico San Jose State San Jose St.
Armed Forces Utah Utah
Hawaii Hawaii Hawaii
Motor City Central Michigan Central Michigan
Emerald UCLA Florida St.
Independence Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
Holiday Cal Cal
Texas Kansas State Rutgers
Music City Clemson Kentucky
Sun Oregon St. Oregon State
Liberty South Carolina South Carolina
Insight Texas Tech Texas Tech
Champs Sports Maryland Maryland
Meineke Car Care Boston College Boston College
Alamo Texas Texas
Chik-fil-a Peach Virginia Tech Georgia
MPC Computers Miami Miami
Outback Tennessee Penn St.
Cotton Auburn Auburn
Gator Georgia Tech West Virginia
Capitol One Arkansas Wisconsin
Fiesta Oklahoma Boise St.
Orange Louisville Louisville
National Championship Ohio State ??????

I will say two things about the game:

1) After watching Michigan’s lackluster offense in person, I have much less respect for Ohio State’s defense and thus think the game much less likely to be a blow out.
2) Despite hating them Urban Meyer, I think Florida was the right decision to play in the National Championship. I just hope they get squashed.

My Prediction:

High Scoring Shootout…No Matter How Hard Reggie Nelson Tries To Hit He Won’t Be Able To Shut Down Ohio State’s Offense…

Ohio State 44 – Florida 24

(I lied, despite my new found lack of respect for Ohio State’s defense they’ll still trounce the Gators)

FO Troy Smith!