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Saturday, January 6th 2007

The Future Of USC Football

The Army All-American bowl was today in San Antonio.

A bunch of USC’s recruiting class participated. The class Pete Carroll called his best ever after the Rose Bowl.

Linebacker Chris Galippo, the #1 linebacking prospect in the country, who committed to USC early (if I remember correctly just days after the Rose Bowl v. Texas) won the MVP of the game. The guy was incredible.

He talks a little smack as well, but man this guy is going to continue the tradition of great LBs under USC.

Everson Griffin looked great as well.

With these recruits why would Pete Carroll want to leave?

If Carroll leaves it will be because of two things, the desire to dissuade the perception that he cannot cut it in the NFL.

USC coach Pete Carroll is almost universally recognized as being better suited for college football than the NFL because of his enthusiasm. But one person disagrees with that assessment: Carroll.
“I’m not the one who says that,” Carroll said. “Everyone else says that. I’m a ball coach.”

And because probation or sanctions are coming from the Reggie Bush scandal.

I do not think these reasons will pull Carroll from USC. This is where Carroll belongs. No one will remember his time with the Pats and Jets if he stays in college. If he goes to the NFL he will only diminish from the chance to be one of the greatest coaches of all time.

Back to recruiting, just a teeny bit of sour grapes. It is true, that Jimmy Clausen turned out to be a giant prima dona – showing up in a hummer limo, with wacky hair, to announce his commitment to Notre Dame (over USC) but even with that I would still love it if the kid was a USC commit. The kid is the #1 QB prospect, and the #1 prospect over all.

Despite losing him to Notre Dame, I can say objectively that Clausen has not looked like he will live up to potential.

But in the CIF playoffs and certainly in Army All-American bowl the kid looked rattled, and clearly not the best QB on the field. Michigan looks like they have got the best QB commitment in the country, at least by this one game, in Mallet. That kid looked impressive in the Army All-American bowl.

This is the first game people have actually been able to judge these kids in a playing situation against peers of their actual talent level of their actual speed level. And Mallet stepped up. It is bad enough letting Brantley slip away to Florida (a big blow, considering Snead is transferring) but how did Mack Brown let a Texas kid like Mallet go all the way to Michigan?