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Tuesday, January 9th 2007

Tim Johnson Recovering

Senator Tim Johnson (SD) suffered an intercerebral hemorrhage four weeks ago. I’ve posted on the condition, his chances, and the implication for the Democrats control of the Senate.

Now, from a link from Wonkette, we learn that Senator Johnson’s condition has been ungraded to ‘Fair’.

Sen. Tim Johnson’s condition has been upgraded from critical to fair, four weeks after he was hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage, his office said Tuesday.

“The senator continues to make progress,” Fisher said. “The next step would be rehabilitation and we hope that would happen within the week.”

Johnson’s office has said that his recovery is expected to take several months.

He underwent surgery to correct a condition called arteriovenous malformation, involving tangled arteries in his brain.

The senator’s doctors said last week that Johnson was improving but still needed a ventilator at night to help him breathe. The ventilator has required a tube to be placed down Johnson’s throat, making it impossible for him to talk.

His long-term prognosis is unclear. He has been responsive to his family and physicians, following commands, squeezing his wife’s hand and understanding speech.