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Saturday, January 20th 2007

UC, Loma Linda, Stanford & USC Students Worry

From a link from Kevin, MD comes a brief look at how medical students see Arnuhld’s new health care proposal in California.

University of Southern California medical student Julia Cormano says she would stay in California—but reconsider her choice of specialties. Cormano, co-president of the med school’s students’ association, says the talk on campus is whether students, who can carry as much as $200,000 in loans, would be forced out of general medicine with the additional drain on future income. “(The plan) would make it that much more difficult to go into fields that aren’t well-compensated,” says Cormano.

If you don’t remember the plan calls for a 2% tax on physician practice gross income. The feeling is this will hurt PCPs (with comparatively high overheads versus earnings) the most.

Just A Funny Picture. That Is Him Actually Announcing The Coverage Plan.