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Tuesday, February 6th 2007

Common Sense On Global Warming

You Can Feel Confident In Your Opinion When Stephen Colbert’s Alter-Ego Agrees With You

Stephen Colbert agrees with my assessment. As long as a few scientists contest Global Warming we should let the debate continue!

But seriously, as ridiculous as Colbert makes “our” position sound, there are some valid points which need to be considered. Everyone concedes the majority of the respectable scientific community thinks Global Warming is man made and will have dramatic consequences.

The number of respectable (non-quack) scientists who don’t agree with these conclusions is a matter of debate in and of itself. There is a lot of self selection going on. In one view the fact that the IPCC reports are so cohesive implies that there can’t be very many scientists who oppose the conclusions of the IPCC reports or some of them would’ve shown up on the IPCC’s Working Group. Another view, probably more accurate, is that such people were excluded from participation. As well, there is certainly a media bias suppressing opposition voices.

For their lack of inclusion in the debate and their lack of communication channels it is difficult to judge the size of the scientific community that does not agree with the accepted view of Global Warming.

We can certainly say that Colbert’s figure of “99.9%” of climate scientists accepting Global Warming’s cause and consequences is hyperbole.