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Friday, February 16th 2007

"Expert" & Brady Testify

Could You Say ‘No’ To This Face?

Weis’ expert doc hadn’t seen the imaging studies (we heard a barium swallow study mentioned in an earlier article), until just a day before he took the stand (H/T Kevin, MD),

Defense attorney William J. Dailey Jr. questioned Wittgrove’s credibility, saying he had not seen X-rays of Weis until yesterday morning despite being contacted about the case before Thanksgiving. Dailey, who has stated that Hodin acted in the best interests of Weis because of the possibility of a pulmonary embolism, which would have made a second surgery extremely dangerous, also questioned Wittgrove by asking where in the medical reports by specialists following Weis’s initial surgery there was mention of any leaks.

“There is nothing in the report that says there is a leak,” Wittgrove responded.

As well, Tom Brady testified today on Weis’ behalf,

Brady testified for less than half an hour before about 50 people in a packed courtroom. People without seats were asked to leave, and the crowd that gathered in the hallway was told to quiet down at one point by a court security officer.

Brady was a frequent visitor to Weis’ hospital room in the days following his surgery.

“He’s always been an extremely intense person, intense coach. … He expects the best out of everybody and teaches you to be accountable and to be responsible, and that’s kind of what I fed off,” Brady said.

Brady said Weis was in obvious pain and his intense personality was subdued in the weeks following the operation. But under cross examination, he said the old personality eventually returned.

Apparently he was meant as a witness to testify to what this medical negligence has cost Charlie Weis. Doesn’t sound he had a lot to offer, except for the fact he’s arguably the most popular person in the entire state of Massachusetts.