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Saturday, February 24th 2007

Hyping The Reggiegate Story

Word on the message boards is that the Woodward & Bernstein jokers who Yahoo! has sent after the ‘Reggiegate’ story have gotten ahold of actual copies of the tapes they previously reported on. There’s even talk that Reggie himself is on the tapes talking about gifts he received against NCAA rules.

Follow The Lines Geniuses

What we do know is that the journalists are making the talk show rounds. While I haven’t heard any of the radio interviews its reported that there was the typical claim that the next story, which is coming out very soon, ‘will be very bad for USC’ and specific editorializing that USC should get the death penalty. Not sure you can play investigative reporter and op/ed columnist at the same time jackasses, might call into question your bias.

I’m not sure these guys even understand what it would take for the NCAA to bring the hammer down. If the paraphrasing was true then the reporters know so little about the culture and politics of college football and the NCAA that they probably shouldn’t be reporting college football stories. The most famous quote, and the best summary of the death penalty,

University of Florida President John Lombardi, “SMU taught the committee that the death penalty is too much like the nuclear bomb. It’s like what happened after we dropped the (atom) bomb in World War II. The results were so catastrophic that now we’ll do anything to avoid dropping another one.”

SMU is the only team to ever receive a death penalty. They received it for football.

Yahoo! is doing their damnedest, but even with new evidence the longer this drags on the less anxious I get. There might be consequences, but no matter what this next story says, I still wouldn’t bet on it.