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Friday, February 23rd 2007

Les Fichus Américains Partent Avec N'importe quoi!

This Is Going To Hurt America’s Image In France

As if anti-Americanism in France needed a poke to wake it up, it looks like Floyd Landis will escape consequences for alleged doping during the Tour d’France based on a technicality (h/t Drudge).

Embattled Tour de France winner Floyd Landis received a boost in his fight against a positive doping test after French lab records showed a protocol violation.

The the Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday that the French laboratory which found the positive results against Landis had two technicians involved in the original urinalysis and the confirming test, validating their own findings.

Such access to both samples violates anti-doping regulations and supports Landis’s contention that numerous errors in the chain of care regarding the tests and samples should invalidate the doping positive.

French cycling really hates Landis, and they may try to make an example of him in France but surprisingly some who follow cycling think there’s hope for the 2007 Tour. If Landis, who also faces civil fraud charges in France, is cleared in this USADA/WADA hearing then the author of “Chasing Lance” thinks that the following could happen:

Here’s one last item to mull over: If Landis wins the USADA hearing, and there is no appeal, the French panel will likely follow the same path as in the recent Landaluze hearing, and clear Landis outright. Despite the agreement not to race in France this year, that would open the door to Landis racing at the Tour. Honest. I made a few calls and checked it out. He’d have to get fit, and he’d have to find a team, but it could happen.

That clearance in the U.S. hearing should happen, if there’s justice and equal application of the rules. From the Breitbart.com piece linked above,

A similar mistake made by the same lab in 2005 resulted in the dismissal of doping charges against Spanish cyclist Inigo Landaluze in December, the Times reported.

Here’s hoping, just to annoy the French and strengthen the chances of an American taking yet another subsequent Tour d’France crown.