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Friday, February 23rd 2007

Misleading Title, Interesting Summary

We’ve known for a while that circumcision cuts your chances of HIV infection. Actually pretty dramatically. Well, turns out those figures may be even more impressive than previously thought.

[C]ircumcision reduces men’s chances of catching HIV by up to 60 percent — a finding experts are hailing as a major breakthrough in the fight against AIDS. The question now is how to put that fact to work to combat AIDS across Africa.

A modeling study last year projected that in the next decade, male circumcision could prevent 2 million AIDS infections and 300,000 deaths. Last year, 2.8 million people in sub-Saharan Africa became infected with HIV, and 2.1 million people died.

The article quotes some who have concerns with trying to implement an adult circumcision campaign. I can imagine that. Still, considering the benefits, the on-the-ground humanitarian HIV prevention efforts need to be focused on individually implementing this in countries.

These sort of campaigns will take decade(s), unfortunately, to get to effective percentages of the male population who are circumcised. However, since we have no sense on when a vaccine may be found resources already in play need to be refocused on a circumcision campaign because a 60% reduction in risk…that is pretty notable.